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How to Ask for a Job From an Internship

If you're currently an intern, you might find that you enjoy working at the company and would be interested in getting hired after its completion. Before starting, like many others, you probably wondered, “Does an internship lead to employment?”

An internship can lead to employment, and in many cases, interns do receive a job offer. It’s common for companies to use internships to build their talent pipelines for future roles.

Some key ways to score a permanent position are by standing out during the internship and speaking up about your interest in a full-time role. Below are tips on how to ask for a job from an internship to increase your chances of success.


1. Identify Job Openings and Opportunities

Take note of the current job openings and opportunities within the organization to see if there is one that piques your interest and for which you are qualified. That way, if it’s not possible for your actual internship position to convert to full-time, you can present other job openings that you’re interested to your manager.


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2. Make Connections

During your internship, it's essential to connect with other professionals throughout the company. By connecting with people within and outside of your department, you open yourself up to more possibilities. The more people that know you and your abilities — especially supervisors and managers within the organization — the easier it will be for them to see you in certain positions within their departments. People also like to work with those they already know, increasing your chances of a full-time position.


3. Stand Out During Your Internship

It’s common for interns to go into positions with hopes of getting a full-time job. Even if it’s not with the same company, internships can increase your chances of getting hired at another company given that you have some work experience under your belt. As such, you always want to do your best and stand out during your internship. To do so:

  • Be proactive and eager to learn. Take initiative and always put your best foot forward. Stand out by helping your colleagues when they have a lot on their plates or offering to cover for someone during the vacation, for example.
  • Ask for more responsibility. Sure, those who only do what they’re asked are important contributors, but it doesn’t show they are willing to go the extra mile to support the team or organization. If you want to turn your internship into a full-time position, ask for more responsibility.
  • Add value where you can. If you develop a new training program, land customers that others couldn’t, or create systems to make your coworkers’ lives easier, such efforts rarely go unnoticed. Employers want to keep those around that add value.


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4. Speak to Your Manager

If you’re eager to turn your internship into a job offer, then the most important step you need to take is speaking with your manager about your full-time aspirations. Your manager will be able to share the possibilities and next steps after your internship are to potentially secure a full-time position with the company. Be mindful of when you broach the topic – near the end of your internships makes sense, especially if you will have a formal or informal performance review during that time.


For more advice on how to ask for a full-time position after an internship and similar guidance for entry-level professionals, check out our resources for launching your career.

By iHire | April 14, 2022
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