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"It gave me the opportunity to see other position that are in line with my current skill set "

Courtney T.

Aberdeen, MD
"iHireInsurance offers a great service for those who are serious in their job search. "

Mark M.

Fort Worth, TX
"iHireInsurance was very helpful in my job search! I appreciate the support. "

Ray L.

Brooklyn, NY
"I was able to connect with a job opportunity that would have passed me by without iHire. It was well worth the money for premium membership. I am very excited for my next chapter."

Lynndah L.

Rockwall, TX
"I was hired once before through this site and I do appreciate the opportunity to be able to use this site in order to get my resume in the right hands. I do not have any friends in the industry who are searching for a job, but if I did, I certainly would recommend you all."

Danita C.

Peachtree City, GA
"Perfect tool to help you look for jobs in the insurance sector."


"iHireInsurance has given me the opportunity to find employment outside the NY State area, and begin a professional career! "

John M.

Syracuse, NY
"IHire kept me engaged, and when the right opportunity came along, I knew it was the one to take."

Jerry C.

Santa Ana, CA
"This the second time in which I have used iHireInsurance and I have been very pleased with the response that I have received from potential employers. "

Renee H.

Pearl, MS
"I like that they keep me post with jobs that are relevant to me."

Arkisha W.

Atlanta, GA
"I have used virtually all the different job sites available and this was by far my favorite. It was easy to use and it used my work experience in a current, results-driven manner. I loved how it turned my resume and work experience into a well-formatted, user friendly review of me and my set of qualifications for the prospective employer to see who I was and what I could do for their company. Definitely recommend it."

Barbara G.

"I posted my resume and received a call within a few days. I was interviewed and hired within a week. Thank you iHire!! I found my dream job!"

Leslie D.

Mansfield, TX
"On their system I find the perfect job, great salary and hours!"

Elia G.

Garland, TX
"I submitted my resume with iHire and the very next day I received 12 calls from employers, in which I made 10 interview appointments. I am very pleased with the rapid response and will refer anyone to this site."

Tyra C.

"It gave me reassurance that there were plenty of opportunities available in this competitive field."

Kimberly W.

Philadelphia, PA
"iHireInsurance actually helped me with the idea of looking outside of my usual career path and I found again a great job that is better than what I had."

Arlandra B.

Mobile, AL
"Great way to learn about different openings within an industry that is hard to search jobs for."


New York, NY
"Thanks to I found underwriting job with all state !"

Phillip T.

Plano, TX
"I found a very good job in another state. Thank you for this great service."

Roger C.

Butler, PA
"I applied on line with iHireInsurance and within 24 hours started receiving numerous offers. After submitting over 50 resumes through Monster and Careerbuilder, I was very surprised to have found my job through this website. Thank you I will be sure to recommend this site to all my friends in the industry. "

Barbara S.

Houston, TX
"I was able to find a job with Aflac. I will be starting with them in the coming week."

Jason B.

Catonsville, MD
"I found the iScore- Resume Presentation Score to be a valuable resource in my current job search process. The tool provided another set of eyes on my resume since I have become so comfortable using it on a day-to-day basis. The tool also provided me with relevant feedback in terms of a meaningful numeric score for the layout, presentation, and content. Feedback is so important in this electronic world. I even found the "Problems Found" critique important and useful for considering changes. Great tool. Great feedback. Easy to read. Great job!!"

Byrin B. - Sales - Agent/Associate/Rep

Aston, PA
" I have used your service twice and both times I have landed jobs. Thank you so much for your wonderful website. The response was overwhelming. "

Barbara S.

Houston, TX
"This service is AWESOME! I have never seen anything like it before. I have several job interviews set up for next week and the best part is most of the interviews are in a driving distance of 15 minutes or less from my home! "

Ann T.

Landover, MD
"This site offers simplicity in searching various job categories and localities without re-entering information."

James K.

Olathe, KS
"I would like to thank each person that looked at my information. I am employed and happy working for the company. Thank you again in advance."

Teketeke G.

Detroit, MI
"A recruiter found my resume on line that lead to the position. "

John P.

Altadena, CA
"iHireInsurance has assisted me in being successfully placed in three (3) positions. One was a project-based position; that did not generate sufficient volume to continue, although I did learn quite a lot about the mortgage industry. Another was with a small agency in a small town. Then I went to an agency with nearly 15 years experience and was able to implement multiple visual operations improvements, as well as consistent "deliverables" to individual and group clients. Response times were reduced and client satisfaction was markedly enhanced. Also arranged for Founder's Day to be celebrated and other in-house events that substantially elevated moral and increased productivity (many times through elongated hours). Now I am returning to iHireInsurance once more, to search for a position where I can continue to provide world-class support and contribute to the organization's future vision. Thank you for your continued support and assistance."

Thomas S.

Yonkers, NY
"Loved the variety of job postings! If I am ever looking again, I will definitely use your site!"


"Thank you for your help in locating a job in my area. It is greatly appreciated."

Dorothy S.

University Heights, OH
"I had been seeking employment through the usual search engines for almost six months before I signed up for IHire. After completing their assessment and updating my resume, I was called and hired for a job that I had received a "auto rejection" letter for just a few weeks prior. I interviewed and was offered a job within ten days of signing up. Thank you!"

Laurie C.

Glenmont, NY
"Kept me updated all the time on the available jobs. Keep up the good work."

Francis K.

West New York, NJ
"It works so well, I start my new job today and the phone still has not stopped ringing."

Ella S.

Arlington, VA