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Bridging the Skills Gap to Develop New Career Paths

by: Chad Twaro
July 21, 2022

Software developer jobs can be lucrative, with an average entry-level salary of $62,000 per year. However, satisfying a job posting’s skill requirements can be a tall order and a barrier to getting your career off the ground.

To address the skills gap between the average entry-level software developer position and the typical job seeker, iHire created an internship program. The program provided paid experience for college students, people who can code without a college degree, and career changers to get their career started. On this episode of Find Your Niche, a Career Podcast, host Lori Cole speaks with Phil Dahlheimer, iHire Internship Program Manager, about:

•    How the program builds job seekers’ software developer skills to allow them to flourish in the job market
•    What gaps Phil notices between the average candidate’s resume and employer expectations for an entry-level software developer position
•    The benefit of paid internship programs like iHire’s


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