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7 Keys to a Compelling Job Ad

Attract Top Talent – Including the Elusive A-Player and Passive Job Seeker

Writing an effective, attractive job ad is a critical when you are trying to capture top-notch talent. Entice job seekers to apply to the open position at your organization by following these guidelines to craft a compelling (and informative!) job posting.


1. Job Title

Keep titles as short, simple, and straightforward as possible to maximize your apply rates. According to a 2019 Appcast study, titles with 1–3 words had the highest apply rates and the most candidate clicks.


2. Lead In

Sell your organization in the first four lines by convincing job seekers that this is their dream job and you are their dream employer. Reel them in with a salary range and the assurance of confidentiality.


3. Job Description & Benefits

Top talent won’t dig their way through boring business jargon and third-person phrases to find what they are really looking for: What will I be doing? What will I be learning? What will I be accomplishing and with whom? How will I be recognized? How does this company take care of their staff? What’s in it for me? Tell them!


4. Culture

Be memorable by giving the reader a taste of your unique company culture—workplace atmosphere, celebrations, contests, volunteerism, etc.


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5. Key Requirements, Skills & Qualifications

Keep it brief, but don’t skip over the essentials—years of experience, education/licenses/certifications, and work eligibility. Be specific and relatable with soft skills as well: “Good communication skills” vs. “Ability to present complicated information in an easily understood manner.” See the difference?


6. How to Apply

Make your instructions crystal clear. The easier your instructions are to follow, the sooner you’ll find the perfect hire.


7. Closing

Add courtesy to the impersonal world of online job searching. Say thanks and tell job seekers they will be notified when their application is received. A-Players expect to be treated well.


Bonus Tips:

  • Enhance readability with the S-ABC-S format: Summary, Advantages, Benefits, Culture, Sign-Off

  • Be speed-reader friendly: Use bulleted lists, not lengthy paragraphs, and limit those lists to 7 bullet points at most (5 is ideal).

  • Use the Socratic Method of dialogue: Insert questions here and there to engage the reader. “Hate cubicles? ABC’s offices have an open layout that encourages cross-departmental collaboration and innovation.”

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Include relevant and industry-specific keywords to ensure your position is found by candidates searching for openings.


For a fully loaded job ad template complete with detailed explanations and sample ads, try downloading iHire’s Job Ad Template, or call an Account Manager at 877-433-8860.

By iHire | July 10, 2019