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Do you help with OFCCP Compliance?

Yes, we have two tools available for employers who post a job with us:

Voluntary Self-Identification Form (Free): Our Voluntary Self-Identification Form can be added to any job you post with us at no extra cost. The questionnaire covers ethnicity, race, gender, disability, and veteran statuses. You will be able to view the form details before choosing to include it.   

To include the Voluntary Self-identification form with your posting, click the checkbox under "OFCCP Compliance" in Step 2 of the posting flow. To include it in a job that's already posted, select "Manage" next to the job you'd like to edit, then click "Edit Posting." Next, select "Job Application" from the drop-down menu. From there you can select the OFCCP compliance checkbox.

To view your OFCCP report, go to the "Manage Jobs" tab, click on Manage next to the job you'd like to view, and you'll find a link to the report just under the red Archive Job button on the right.  If you need help with setting up the Voluntary Self-Identification Form or DiversityWorking.com Cross-posting, please contact our Customer Success team at 866-238-0161 or customersuccess@ihire.com.

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